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KEMONO FRIENDS Join Mabinogi For Epic Crossover Event on April 16

Press Release

Mabinogi, the free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), today announced an all-new friendship with KEMONO FRIENDS in a month-long crossover event from April 16 through May 14. The crossover offers all-new missions, skills, quests, and themed rewards.

Lost in an unfamiliar setting, the KEMONO FRIENDS find themselves far from Japari Park. To return home, the Friends will have to reunite and complete various quests around Erinn with the help of Milletians led by Japari Park’s guide, Lucky Beast.

The KEMONO FRIENDS X Mabinogi crossover event delivers a variety of events and themed-rewards. Starting April 16, players can enjoy exciting events including:

  • Erinn Region Quests: Players are encouraged to explore the various regions of Erinn in search of the KEMONO FRIENDS to receive special rewards, skills and equipment.
  • KEMONO FRIENDS Defense Missions: Players must take on waves of Celliens and clear defense missions to receive currency, which can be used to purchase items at Caravan Friend Joe’s Shop.
  • Mini-Game Event: Players can participate in a mini-game event to earn various rewards to aid in gameplay, or earn currency to purchase KEMONO FRIENDS themed-items.
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