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Kartuga Reveals the Destroyer

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InnoGames has introduced the Destroyer today, the first of three pirate classes available in the upcoming MMO, Kartuga.

The Destroyer is an agile ship designed as an all-purpose aggressor, able to cause massive damage while using its speed and maneuverability. The ship is vulnerable to attacks with a lower durability, making it designed for quick attacks but not for prolonged battles.

Players can also customize the Destroyer class further by choosing one of three skill trees: Raider, Ravager, and Brawler. The Ravager excels in long-range battles, while the Raider is a mobile hit-and-run unit; meanwhile, the Brawler has thick armor and decisive attacks.

Kartuga is designed for cooperative PvP in four-team matches, and closed beta is scheduled for early 2013.

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