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Karos Returns Slams into Closed Beta

Karos Returns Slams into Closed Beta Post Header

Leading online game publisher Games Campus is pleased to announce the Closed Beta Launch of Karos Returns! The long standing Hardcore, open world PvP focused MMORPG returns on March 24th 3:00pm PDT (GMT-8). Register your GamesCampus account and play today:
Players will experience fast paced and easy leveling on the way to the most intense PvP MMORPG action released in years. Fight tooth and nail as you level to 50 against fantastical monsters, ambushing players, Open World Raid events, and much more! In Closed Beta, players will experience Siege Warfare, Mining Outpost take overs, Arena Combat, and edge of your seat open world PvP to always keep you on your toes! With 7 classes and dozens of advanced classes to choose from, custom tailor your character and experience the amazing realm of Asmara, a mythical land filled with amazing creatures, treacherous characters, and epic landscapes! Along with the standard leveling experience in MMORPGs, players will collect the mysterious resource Fletta, a magically currency used for armor and weapons exclusively crafted with Fletta. Collect enough and players can use their Fletta to further advance skills and stats to give them the edge over the toughest opponent!
“It’s about time we have a Hardcore PvP MMO that doesn’t hold your hand. GamesCampus is ready for a PvP focused game and think our players are too!” says Elliott Coward, Producer for Karos Returns. “We want people to experience PvP with risks, and don’t want players to get bogged down in leveling and PvE they are rushing through anyways!” Karos Returns slams into Closed Beta March 24th 3:00pm PDT (GMT -8)

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