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Karos Online adds new zones and arena

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A major new update has made its way to Karos Online, adding ten levels worth of new content plus extra.

The max level will be raised from level 75 to 85, and two new zones, Bloodstone and Coral Island, have been released. A new Arena PvP system has also been added, with 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 play and Arena specific rewards.

Included in the patch are also a mailing system, consignment sales, a pet system, customizable hotkeys, improved experience, and more.

Karos Online is published by NHN Corporation.

Karos Online Gameplay Screenshot


Attention Karos Players!

We are currently conducting server maintenance as of this hour which started from 0500 to 0830, January 20th and it will have the following updates for the current build:

1. Max level increased from 75Lv to 85Lv
2. Arena PVP System
3. Consignment Sales System
4. Mailing System
5. New Zones (Bloodstone, Coral Island)
6. Pet System
7. Spirit of Warrior System
8. Lupinel Mine Takeover Update
9. New Cash Shop Items and modifications on the existing items.

We do apologize for the very late notice.
This is for your information and guidance. Thank you for your cooperation!

[Patch Notes] *Would be updated in the coming days*


1. Mouse Controls
– The functions of the right-mouse button and the left-mouse button have been swapped. The left-mouse button is now used for panning the camera view and the right-mouse button is going to be used to change the character’s direction. No more accidentally casting Shadow Blades or Rain of Arrows on an unsuspecting patch of snow instead on a Yeti’s excuse for a face. This made it also easier to climb up stairs and and uneven terrain with mouse clicks.

2. Hotkey Assignment (Key Binding)
– Hotkeys could now be set to your play style for convenience

3. Higher EXP from monsters

4. Castle Siege Fee now only costs 1,000,000 Carats from 10,000,000 Carats.

5. Dungeons in Berneo and Lupinel were balanced according to player’s expected area level.

6. Fishing System
– Fishing Rods now expires in 6 hours upon purchase from Fishmonger NPC. Fishing Fatigue applies to a player after a period of time and in return a Hit Item would be rewarded.


1. Consignment Shop
– A player may register up to 20 items for sale and items would be registered for 24 hours. Registration fees apply.

2. Mailing System
– You may find Mailboxes in select towns which you may use to send notes to other players even if they’re offline. You may also attach up to 8 items and Carats to your notes. Postal fees apply.

“A high-level Paladin wearing a Level 79 Azure Knight’s armor in Bloodstone with her trusted sidekick Darkcorps pet”

3. New Map: Bloodstone
– Bridge Ville is an unguarded town elevated from the eeriest monsters below. Simply look-up and you’ll get the idea where the Blood Stone name came from. If you wish to see the Rihitta King it only takes spare change to warp from Berneo but please be warned that you may be paying more than you bargained for.

4. New Zone: Coral Island
– On the Island of Seron, at the Baldus Shrine Post, is a portal that leads to a place of highly-evolved skilled creatures from the deep. And at the end of your journey is the God of the Sea and we all hope that you would be able to remember his name before he smites you dead.

5. Pet System
– Players may buy a Mew the Thief Pet Capsule from Pet Manager Melisa in Berneo, Lupinel and Peltrok. The Pet needs to be equipped first with the aid of Melisa before it could gain experience as you slay monsters. As soon as the Pet Capsule EXP bar is full, you need to go back to Melisa for the 24-hour incubation period before it hatches into a Youngling (Logging-out of the game stops the 24-hour timer and would resume as soon as you log back in). The Pet Food that you need to purchase would depend on the Level of the Pet.

Basic Abilities – As Pets gain Levels they would also acquire abilities.
1. Additional HP/MP Regeneration Rates
2. Looting Ability

Alignment Abilities – There are 3 Pet Alignments as a Pet reaches Level 4. [Warning: Clicking an Alignment Icon automatically grants your Pet the Ability for that Alignment, so choose wisely]
1. Enchantment – Grants a bonus to combat-oriented Stats such as Attack Power or Defense
2. Luck – Grants a bonus to chance-based stats such as the item drop rate and Critical Hit
3. Support or Selling – Have an ability to sell unwanted items to stores. Pet would be unavailable for 30 minutes while it sells your items to an NPC.

“A Prophet in a Red Owl 11th suit and a Blood Witch in 11th Deimere’s stretching it out before a 2vs2 Arena battle”

6. Arena PVP System
– Players may now queue for 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 and 5vs5 (Party PVP) to gain Arena Points to be able to purchase Arena Items (more coming soon). Ladder Points are also recorded to monitor your ranking in PVP (Fully supported in the near future). You may also practice your skills without waiting for your turn by entering the Unlimited Arena Matches Zone. To enter a PVP Arena you could head to the Ravine of Dansel in Berneo and speak with Randolf or you could just hit “U” regardless of your current location to open the Join Arena PVP window. To view your Arena Points and Ladder Points and your PVP Record just hit “N”. Fletta Points acquisition still applicable.

7. New Cash Shop Items
– As with the introduction of the Pet System, you may also opt to purchase Pet Capsules from the Cash Shop.
1. Dragonia Capsule
2. Cutie Boar Capsule
3. Bauleblue Capsule
4. Darkcorps Capsule

“A Bowmistress dressed to the nines waiting for a PVP ‘Party’… and yeah that’s an Arch Salamander War Bow”

– If you’re starting to get bored with the usual drab that you’re wearing, you may purchase Outfits that suit your mood. It wouldn’t hurt to kill monsters while looking exquisitely deadly. More suits soon!
1. Party Outfit
2. Pirate Outfit



1. Fletta Skill Water Barrier now functions as described.

2. Diabolic players who got PKed in Peltrok would now spawn at the respective Execution Grounds.

3. Gunners who were able to summon multiple objects at a time has been fixed as originally intended.

4. Siege Mode buff could now be de-buffed.

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