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Joycity Comes Bearing Game of Dice Gifts

Joycity Comes Bearing Game of Dice Gifts news header

Joycity’s mobile game, Game of Dice has exceeded 4 million downloads and was a Top 5 most downloaded game in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. To celebrate, Joycity is unloading a sleigh full of free updates for players. Along with a holiday event for all players, Joycity has also added a brand new Christmas-themed map and a cornucopia of new features including:

  • Special Christmas In-Game Event
  • New Christmas map
  • New ‘Craft’ menu
    – Craft various items with Characters, Skill Cards, and Instant Entry Tickets
  • New Guild Match feature
    – Get rewards and raise Guild rankings by participating on Guild Match every weekend (Users can play matches against other guilds)
  • Enhance Dice to ★6! (Golden/Siren/ Magical Dice)
    – Enhancing Dice to ★6 will unlock 4 new abilities
  • MAX Character Grade Extended (5-Star Diamond Grade)
    – Characters can evolve beyond 5-Star Platinum Grade
  • New Skill Cards added
  • Hologram Sticker system for Skill Cards
  • New luxury shop open and VIP benefits upgraded
    – Users can buy special event skill cards from the luxury shop using luxury points, which can be earned by drawing or combining skill cards
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