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Join Respen’s Marvelous Game in Neverwinter – April Fool’s Event

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Tomorrow in Neverwinter begins Respen’s Marvelous Game, a brand new event especially notable for fans of meta-gameplay experiences. From April 1 through April 4, players join a digital game version of a tabletop game based upon the real world tabletop game that the digital game they are currently playing is actually based upon.

*Whew.* Get all of that?

Respen’s Marvelous Game is a cheeky event starring the mysterious and mischievous mage Respen Durothil, who calls the heroes of Neverwinter and Protector’s Enclave to try out his new game. Sitting at a table with fellow heroes of Neverwinter – Sergeant Knox, Makos, Celeste, Xuna and Rhix – players move miniature versions of their player character (with miniature bases for added authenticity!) across one of two paper maps set in dungeons and swamps. Utilize the magic of multisided die, grid paper, cardboard dividers, and imagination to save an elven princess or clear out a dungeon, all with narration by the dungeon master himself, Respen.


Incentivized with rewards, prizes, and tabletop-friendly snacks, players enter the Driftwood Tavern in Protector’s Enclave to take part in the so-named Marvelous Game. Earn multisided Crystal Dice from foes and chests alike, which are useful to purchase special event items available nowhere else.

Respen’s Marvelous Game challenges players to battle famed and notable Dungeons & Dragons foes and earn the exclusive friendly Green Slime Companion and a stat-boosting Adorable Pocket Pet. Additionally, taste the spicy cornmeal treats known as Lliira’s Fare, the yellowish Lathander’s Dew collected from crushed mountain rock, and the sweet chewy Neverwintan Red Veins. It’s a wild inversion of the Neverwinter experience, perfect for April Fools’ Day! More information can be found here.

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