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Jade Dynasty previews Dread Labyrinth

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Jade Dynasty has posted a preview of their upcoming instance, Dread Labyrinth, which will release later this April.

The dungeon is a great, deadly swamp, and is designed for 5 to 6 players of Ascended levels 120-150, and may be run up to three times per day. The dungeon will reward Taichi Pills and Sky Coins, and may be registered for at Illusion Dispatcher Hoi (Sunstream 173, 168).

The Preview Post:

Once considered a wasteland, this deathly swamp with creatures never meant to see the light is churning. Mysterious rays of light have awoken this place. There are whispers of great treasures located within the dark depths of this hallowed grave. What warriors dare to enter?

Can you navigate your way through the evil?

Flower Cave:

Entering this cave will show you plants that react as if they have souls. The Tree Fairy gains power through these souls and they guard the entrance. This will be your first test.

Stone Fall Cave:

If you’ve found the path this far, perhaps there is hope for you yet. This test will require all of your strength against these brutal monsters. Legend says these monsters can summon the “Lord of Carnage”. Move fast and enter the Demon Cave next, the mutations there are horrid.

Demon Village:

What? What is this?! Those mutations have created villages! Destroy them at all cost, we are not safe while these stand strong. Slay any inhabitants and move swiftly to the Cave of Souls!

Kirin Cave:

Warriors I applaud you for your courage. You now face a great beast that resembles the Kirin! Beware the heat that can melt rock. This creature has a fiery hatred for all who enter.

Date of Release: April 2010

Level Requirement: Ascended 120 – 150

Recommended Level: Ascended 130+

Realm Register: Any realm.

Registration NPC: Illusion Dispatcher Hoi (Sunstream 173, 168)

Per Day Limit: 3

Party Size: 5 – 6 players

Requirements to Register: Must have Sky Mystic Map (can purchase from Dispatcher Hoi)

Registration Details: When player activates instance, 2 minute waiting period for other players to join. Party leader can accept/reject players.

Rewards: Taichi Pills and Sky Coins. More bosses defeated (farther progression) and least amount of deaths, the better the rewards.

What is a Sky Coin? Sky Coins can be used as currency to purchase Unique Pets, Sky Serenity Charms and in the future, awesome Espers.

More details coming soon…

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