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Jade Dynasty Celebrates Third Anniversary

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Perfect World Entertainment has announced the three year anniversary of Jade Dynasty.  To commemorate the occasion, players will have a month long celebration in June.  Various events, prizes, and contests are being planned.

The game has also released an interesting demographic of various player statistics collected throughout the three years the game has operated.  Things like total levels gained and characters created are represented, as well as some amusing statistics such as marriages per year and years worth of seven-day smilies purchased.

Perfect World Entertainment also publishes Forsaken World and Perfect World International.

Jade Dynasty Infographic


Jade Dynasty Celebrates Three-year Anniversary

Prizes, gifts, contests, and events planned for fans

(Redwood City, CA) May 31, 2012 — Perfect World Entertainment today announced the three-year anniversary of its MMORPG, Jade Dynasty. To celebrate this tremendous milestone, fans can look forward to a month-long celebration this June with prizes, contests and in-game events. Players are invited to visit the official Jade Dynasty anniversary site, where they can look forward to more updates and surprises as the party continues.

“The anniversary celebration is our way of saying thanks to our loyal fans for three amazing years of questing, clearing dungeons, and leveling up,” said Dean Sakurai, Product Manager for Jade Dynasty.”We want to make the month of June an unforgettable experience and invite both veterans and new players to join the festivities. With free gifts for everyone, rare in-game prizes, PvP tournaments, and special events and contests for our community, the Jade Dynasty anniversary will have something of interest for all.”

Over the last three years, players have helped make Jade Dynasty one of the largest and most popular MMORPGs in the world, collectively logging in a total of over 186 million hours of playtime and gaining over 69 million level-ups since the title first launched. See the infographic below for more noteworthy achievements and statistics.

For more details on Jade Dynasty, head to the official website.

It’s been a great three years for Jade Dynasty. Here’s to many more!

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