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Ironsight Begins Open Beta Today

Ironsight - Enters Open Beta - Image

The gamigo group is proud to announce that the Open Beta testing phase for Ironsight has officially begun!  Founder pack owners have been in early access since January 30th, and now everyone can get a chance to experience it. After successfully rounding off the closed beta testing and now kicking off the open beta phase, the Ironsight community has the chance to discover a heap of new, exclusive content. Players can look forward to four new maps, two new game modes, a new mission and much more. More information can be found on their official website.

Ironsight features:

More than 100 original weapons and attachments: Almost 900 skinned weapons prepared already, such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, and shotguns

Strategic drone operations: Large selection of offensive and tactical drones

10 different maps planned: Realistic and fierce battlefields & environment with dynamic in-game interaction

Character customization

Gripping multiplayer action: The fight for the last resources on Earth

In-house Iron Engine™: Usage of dynamic surroundings and other tactical elements

Clan system: Creation of own in-game clans, clan battles, and rankings

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