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Iron Throne Introduces Invasion Rifts and More With February’s Update

Iron Throne February Update

Netmarble’s Iron Throne MMO strategy game has a new update arriving today (February 27th, 2019) that has several new features. The first is the Alliance-oriented Invasion Rift, which encourages cooperative player. Alliance members must defend their Alliance Castle against Dimensional Strongholds or Rift Strongholds that appear nearby. Working together is the key to victory where they must repel the invaders before they can reach the Alliance Castle.

The Ancient People’s Trial will allow them to prove their own strength in the Trial Steeple. Players who have reached castle level 20 or above will be able to take on the Trial Steeple when it spawns at a random location in the kingdom, which can be established by checking the world map.  Players can select the level of the Trial Steeple they wish to tackle, and then deploy troops. They can also attack previously conquered levels repeatedly, allowing them to farm rewards on each victory. Rewards include building upgrade items and even permanent buffs, which can be acquired by clearing the highest level of the Trial Steeple.

New Heroes Rand, Eldred, and Toma can now be unlocked from the new achievement rewards in the Event Center. These characters were previously seen as NPCs in Town Mode but have now become playable Heroes. The White Dragon Outer Castle Skin is also now available after reaching Castle Level 35.

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