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Iron Grip: Marauders – September Update!

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The latest update for Iron Grip: Marauders includes a new level to be conquered, a more user-friendly tutorial, and a few visual improvements. There are a ton of other little changes and new features as well! Players of all levels will appreciate this update!

Of course the challenge of reaching Level 24 and researching the new units available once there will take a while even for higher level players, but this update also has tons of content for the lower levels. Hero training has returned, with more options than before – the perfect tool for any players who want their heroes to level up that bit quicker! New Perk Stores in the Walker Boneyard and Atelia will offer more choice when shopping for perks – find the perks suited for you and get even more value from them!

A revamped and enhanced tutorial will make the game even more friendly to new players, which goes in hand with the more generous rewards we’re now offering players if they introduce people to the game! People can get 10 Gems if someone they invite reaches level 10 – an excellent earning possibility! And with those Gems, players can then take advantage of the new hero training, research purchase options, and wider perk store choice.


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