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Iris Online sets Tears of Arcana launch date

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Iris Online will launch its next major content update, Tears of Arcana (v 1.20), on July 19.

A new dimensional rift will appear after the update, offering players the chance to battle Crystalisk, venture into the multi-staged and ranked Sahar’s Gate, upgrade their weapons with greater enhancements that give +5 to the item level, advise the new world map, enter in PvP through a new queue system, and enjoy a level cap increase to 70.

Iris Online will also be offering a 50% bonus to drop rates from July 15 through 17, 50% bonus enhance rate from July 22 to July 25, and weeklong, 100% bonuses to EXP and SXP.

Iris Online is published by gPotato, which also publishes AIKA Online, Tales Runner, and Flyff: Fly For Fun.

Iris Online – Tears of Arcana Screenshots:


Iris Online: Tears of Arcana v1.20 Goes Live July 19th!

Sunnyvale, California – July 13th, 2011 – gPotato is pleased to announce the update to its popular MMORPG, Iris Online, with Tears of Arcana v1.20.  Ready to launch on July 19th, v1.20 will bring forth long awaited features including expanded game content, numerous chances to obtain amazing rewards, and spectacular new items!

Players will have to defend Arcana once again, as a new dimensional rift has opened releasing waves of frenzied creatures from its depths.  Parties who venture forth to stop the new threats will be able to experience:

  • Crystalisk, The Guardian of Light

o   A great beast formed by the gods, the mighty Crystalisk once protected the land as the guardian of light.  He now haunts the crystal caverns, having been corrupted by the demonic rifts that plague Arcana.  Players must band together to take down this difficult foe!

  • Sahar’s Gate

o   Battle waves upon waves of monsters to seal the dimensional rift before more can pour out.  Players will receive ranking and points after completing each stage, and even be able to obtain relics and mounts!

  • Greater Enhancement

o   Players can now add 5 item levels to their weapons!  The item must be at least +8 enhanced.  Proceeding with a greater enhancement will decrease the enhancement bonus down 2 levels, but increase the item level by 5.

  • World Map

o   Players tired of becoming lost at every turn will now have a World Map to rely on!

  • PvP Queue System

o   Players can now easily enter into PvP battles with the PvP Queue System.  Once enough players have queued themselves on the battlefield, the match begins!

  • Level Cap Increase to 70

o   With new challenges comes new strength!  Players can now advance to level 70 and prove themselves as Arcana’s strongest warriors!

During this update Iris Online will also be running several bonus events, including:

·         Weeklong 100% EXP and 100% SXP bonuses!

  • A 50% Drop Rate bonus from July 15th to July 17th!
  • A 50% Enhance Rate bonus from July 22nd to July 25th!

Stay tuned for more information on the update, events, and community activity by visiting the Official Iris Website.

And don’t forget to follow Iris Online on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

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