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Infestation: Survivor Stories Surpasses One Million Users

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OP Productions, a leading publisher of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), announced today that more than 1.3 million players worldwide have registered to play its zombie survival MMO game Infestation: Survivor Stories. Since the launch of its Foundation Release in December of 2012, Infestation has continued attracting new players while retaining its existing players, resulting in a large community with highly populated servers on which to play. Some of the current stats from the game include:

– Over 1.3 million registered players to date
– More than 400,000 players log in per month
– More than 100,000 players log in daily
– Average player has spent more than 95 hours playing
– More than 51,119,373 characters created to date
– More than 2,248,355,148 zombies killed
– More than 52,000 clans created with more than 500,000 players belonging to one of the clans

“We’re really happy to see such enthusiasm for Infestation from players as we continue to develop new content for the game,” said Executive Producer Sergey Titov. “We remain committed to providing the best gaming experience for our fans by using community feedback to polish existing gameplay and to help us plan for additional content, which will be released in a large update later this summer.”

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