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Immortal King reveals more details

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NGames’ Immortal Kings has revealed more details about its gameplay, in preview of the closed beta coming in September.

Players will be able to choose between serving Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades. Each player will draw heroes to their aide as they gain Prestige, and may also recruit them through special expedition quests. While players will need to manage resources, the only resource in the game is silver; players will not have to worry about collecting other materials like wood or ore. Silver can be earned through taxes, trading, selling crops, mining, and of course quests and salaries.

The game will also offer a Challenge Mode, where players enter “intense skirmishes” and must clear a map of all forces before moving on to the next map.  These modes will let players get large amounts of rewards, including treasure, honor points, and heroes. Players can also join leagues of up to 50 players, who must seize farms and supplies while battling it out with other leagues for control of the map.

NGames also publishes Pocky Ninja.

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NGames reveal key “Immortal King” features

More gameplay details released for Greek mythology inspired military RTS

NGames have released more details of the key gameplay features for their anticipated Greek mythology inspired MMORTS, �Immortal King�. Hitting closed beta this September, the game allows you to command massive armies and fight alongside � and even against – infamous Greek gods.

Publisher NGames, known for operating the popular Game321 portal where you can play titles such as Pockie Ninja, Navy Force and Fairy Story Online with a single account, have released more details on the gameplay features for their latest SLG/RPG MMO webgame, Immortal King.

Immortal King plunges you into a world steeped in Greek mythology, challenging you to command a powerful army of troops, become a legendary figure, and even conquer the Gods themselves.


Greek mythology is filled with revered heroes � Immortal King is your chance to create your own!

After you have obtained the Golden Fleece and chosen your Faction, deciding whether to fight alongside Zeus (ruler of the skies), Poseidon (ruler of the seas) or Hades (ruler of the underworld) as they battle each other for control of Earth, you need to join forces with your chosen God and train heroes to lead you to victory.

Heroes are attracted to powerful leaders and will flock to join you as your Prestige raises. The higher your prestige ranking, the more powerful heroes you can recruit.

Players can also fight against other forces and obtain heroes through special Expedition quests.

Heroes are the commanding force of your massive armies. You must train and level up your heroes to ensure your army is in good hands, enhancing their core attributes and power to the benefit of your forces.


As a war strategy game, Immortal King challenges you to oversee and thoroughly plan the construction of your cities.

Unlike other RTS games that expect you to manage 4 or 5 resources at any given time, there is only one resource in IK � Silver. This single-resource system allows you more time to focus on investing your money wisely, instead of worrying about meeting several different criteria to construct a building (who makes a town centre out of hay, anyway!?)

Silver can be obtained via levy, colonization, trade, selling crops, mining, salaries, dailies, and tons of exciting quests.

Wise investment in your Temple, Training Ground, Academy and banking buildings during the early stages of play will pay huge dividends later in the game.

Challenge Mode

An interesting way to play Immortal King, Challenge mode offers a break from the normal gameplay by thrusting you into intense skirmish situations.

Players are presented with a map that they must clear of all opposing forces. Once cleared, you move on to the next areas and continue to clear them of anybody standing in your way. Success in the Challenge modes will reap abundant in-game treasures and the possibility of new heroes to recruit for your armies, making the risk well worth the reward.

What’s more, you can earn massive amounts of Honour points after defeating the challenge areas, which you can spend on increasing your level of technologies and heroes.

Battle Arrays

Immortal King is much more involving than simply sending your troops into battle and waiting for a result.

Instead, IK allows you to organise your troops into 7 different kinds of arrays, which will make up your overall battle formation. Do you form a T-type array? Scatter your troops across a wider area? Perhaps a cross-formation will do the trick?

Immortal King provides you with 137 types of heroes and 72 types of soldier to arrange on the battlefield. Clever placement of the different hero types, such as tanker, attackers and healers, will be essential to victory.


Much like a Guild system but with an interesting twist, “Leagues” are one of the most impressive systems to feature in Immortal King.

All players can join a league and each member has a different position depending on their League Contribution. To build a strong League, you must seize farms and supplies from all three of the game’s factions, achieved through either PVP or PVE battle modes.

Each league can accommodate up to 50 members, who will engage in massive intense battles for control of the supplies. To help you on the path to victory, you can check the full attributes and forces of the competing heroes using the latest webgame technology.

Immortal King is releasing soon!

NGames will reveal more game information in the build up to the closed beta launch this September.

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