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Illyriad update adds crafting to game

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Illyriad Games has launched a new update to their flagship game Illyriad that allows players to begin crafting various items.  The previous 17 resources are now joined by hundreds of new items, with several of them only being available in certain parts of the world.

The update includes 72 new weapons, 53 new types of armor, 9 brand new mounts, 13 new specialist buildings, over 50 new resource types, dozens of lootable items from animals, and 187 new technologies to research.  This is the largest game update to date, and players can expect a whole lot of changes in how they play the game in the next few months.

Illyriad “Developer Chat” Video


Illyriad Update Adds Crafting and Advanced Trade

27 June 2012; London, UK.

In the largest single release in the game’s history, the game economy of Illyriad, the acclaimed HTML5 massively multiplayer online strategy game, sees a dramatic expansion today, with new commodities, equipment, an expanded gathering system, crafting system and an expanded regional trade system.

The previous 17 resources which could be traded in Illyriad are joined by hundreds of new items, ranging from grapes and wine to rare minerals and magical ingredients. With many commodities available only in specific parts of the game world, and some extremely rare, this opens up the possibility for elaborate player trade and crafting strategies, extending to monopolies and cartels.

“This huge expansion in trade, and the whole crafting system that we are bringing in, opens up new choices for player specialisation. Specialist traders and specialist manufacturers will both have an important place in Illyriad going forward,” explained Illyriad’s founder, James Niesewand. “Illyriad has always been praised for its depth, and  this release does add more depth. For example, military players previously had 8 basic troop types to choose from, but with the new equipment produced by crafting there will be thousands of possible troop load-outs, allowing players to customise their soldiers for different missions, terrains and even climates. So, for the military players, yes, there is more depth. But what this update really adds to Illyriad is breadth, allowing players to explore complex trading and manufacturing strategies.”

This update includes:
72 new weapons
53 new armour types
9 new mounts
13 new specialist buildings
More than 50 new special resource types
Dozens of items lootable from animals
187 new technologies to research, ranging from Wine Making, to Faction Markets, to Obsidian Blade

With such a dynamic change to the game, the full impact of the release could take several months to be felt by the players of Illyriad. All of the new buildings, equipment, researches and commodities in the release go live at the end of this week.

Video with a developer Q&A session about the update can be found here:

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