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Hyper Universe Begins Free Weekend Event and Reveals New Hyper

Hyper Universe - Free Weekend NEws

Liu, a deadly martial artist Dragon Flips his way into Hyper Universe right in time for a Free Weekend Event. Today through Tuesday, Nov. 21 (10 am PST) is when it occurs, and it comes with bonuses to never players and current alike. New players who reach account level 7 will retain permanent access beyond this weekend, and new players who hit account level 15 will unlock the Founder’s Pack for free, granting all 24 original launch Hypers and their equipment. Any players who participate in 20 matches over the weekend will earn Blue Rose’s “Red Qipao” recolor skin. ○ Any players who participate in 10 additional matches (30 matches total) will also earn Turner’s “Fistfull” recolor skin. The Synthesizing Cube system also changed, and now players can choose specific samples to synthesize. A final important change is to the game map: The development team has changed the position of the 2nd floor base turret, moving it in front of the spawning base on the Delta Station map. This will make combat around the defense turrets more interesting. Players can play this new Delta Station Beta Map in regular and custom matches.

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