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Huge Paladins News: Closed Beta for Console!

Paladins 604

It’s true, and it’s time! The Closed Beta Test for Paladins is live on console! I cannot tell you how excited I am! People have been in on console for a while, but this is the real announcement for the CBT, and it’s going down today! I bet you’re wondering “Jason, you magnificent human bastard, how can we join this fantastic closed beta and experience Paladins on console for ourselves?” And then I’d say “Calm down, sir or madam! I have the answer!” We’re going to be doing a giveaway over on MMOHuts, huge piles of keys, Scrooge McDuckian levels of keys, just for you guys! We in fact have keys for the NA [America, South America, Canada] crowd, and a pile for the Euopean/Asia/OCE crowd too! Fear not, we’re taking care of everyone!  I’m really excited that it’s going to be on Xbox and PS4, because frankly, I loved SMITE on console. If I had my collection of skins and masteries on either game for console, I’d play on that too. But I don’t want to start collecting again. It’s a rough life! There aren’t enough quality free-to-play shooters on console, and Paladins is the hottest class shooter on the market right now! Why would I play TF2 when I could play Paladins? Answer: I wouldn’t.

Stay tuned to MMOHuts for the giveaway, later today!

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