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Honor of Heirs Launches Globally

Developed by X-LEGEND Entertainment Co., Ltd and published by Audere Gaming (HK) Limited, the all-new mobile MMORPG, Honor of Heirs, has officially launched! X-LEGEND Entertainment Co., Ltd is a professional game development company founded in 2002 that has published almost 20 online and mobile games. Players can head to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the game and log in now!

World View
The story of Honor of Heirs takes place in a fictional medieval world where Calamity is spreading everywhere; players are required to travel around and battle against it. The protagonist will be guided by Merlin and the emergence of Excalibur to become the savior of the world. Players will embark on a journey of uncovering the secrets behind the Calamity and Holy Grail.

Game Features
Players can choose from 3 classes in Honor of Heirs —Warrior, Ranger, or Elementalist—to start. Players can master any class depending on their preferred battle style and weapons.

After selecting a class, players are not bound to a single battle style. The unique Soulstone system in Honor of Heirs allows players to obtain additional battle skills by equipping different Soulstones. By effectively utilizing Soulstone Skills and Class Skills, players can create brilliant combinations consisting of various battle styles!

Team Battle and Social System
The game features an exciting social system in which players who enjoy human interactions can easily make friends or develop a romantic relationship and hold a grand wedding with other players. On the other hand, the features of the Order allow like-minded players to form a Guild. Not only will the players own their exclusive Order Territory, but they also get to challenge powerful monsters together and gain abundant benefits!

Furthermore, Honor of Heirs and WEMIX have partnered together in blockchain technology to provide players with greater freedom in trade and other gameplay features through launching of the game exchange system in which game coins can be exchanged for HONCO tokens. Let the players immerse themselves in the fun of P&E in our game!

Complete a 7-Day Quest Trial after the game is officially launched to claim bountiful gifts and SR Soulstones!

For more event details and the latest news on Honor of Heirs, please visit our official community and website!

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