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Honor Arrives In League Of Legends

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League of Legends has launched the Honor system for its players, adding a new community feature to participate in.

Players can grant Honor to teammates and enemies by clicking the “thumbs up” button in the post-game lobby. You can honor players in four categories: Helpful, Friendly, Teamwork, and Honorable Opponent. Players can check their individual honor scores on their summoner profile and compare themselves to friends and enemies.

Honor is only awarded in match-made games, and cannot be awarded through custom games. Players will get the most honor from those who they have first met, and less from those they run matches with often. Honor is limited but can be regained through finishing match-made games. Honor is not a currency but may offer bonuses in the future for those who hold it; it is also not considered tradeable and players can be punished for trading Honor, losing all their honor scores and honor pools.

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