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Home Plan Is a New Facebook Game About Raising Cats & Dogs

HomePlan News

Fans of adorable cats and dogs? Have a Facebook account? Then you can check out NetEase’s latest game, Home Plan! Players will be in charge of a dilapidated manor and will have to improve and tidy it up, as well as decorate it. But that’s only a minor part of the game. What is a home without adorable pets? You can raise and breed adorable puppies, as well as walk them with a one-touch drawing. But make sure to be responsible, and feed them when they’re hungry.

You can even get luggage for your pets because they might want to go on trips! Your pets will bring back souvenirs and photos when they go out, to share their joy with you. It will cost coins to renovate your home and raise pets, but you can earn these coin rewards through a variety of mini-games.

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