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HeroWarz CBT 2 Is Live

HeroWarz CBT 2 Is Live

KOG Games is proud to announce that the HeroWarz CBT 2 is now Live! From June 21 – 24, 2016, all players from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand get to register for an account and play HeroWarz with a host of great improvements. From functionality, UI and content additions, to the most exciting part… a couple of amazingly sexy roster change-ups! Yup, you read it right!

During the HeroWarz CBT 2 phase, players can earn amazing, permanent goodies that will then transfer to the OBT phase of HeroWarz! If players reach the goals quickly, they can kick back knowing they’ve done some good for the future of the world.

Permanent OBT gear can be unlocked by hitting varied character level tiers. For example, players who hit level 30 (with any character) unlock (4) CBT exclusive Costumes! Hit level 70, get a statted Title! Hit Level 100, and get an Emblem! And, just for logging in once, 2 days in a row during this beta phase, players will receive a Pandora’s Silver Chest during OBT. For the players that like to get a jump start on at game launch, KOG Games is offering 3 tiers of HeroWarz Founders Packs with some amazing goodies therein.

These are all exclusive, permanent Premium items being doled out by KOG Games, just as a thank you to all of the players that have enjoyed HeroWarz and given some great feedback, and a “welcome aboard” challenge to the next wave of players!

In true CBT fashion, many of the improvements the team applied are based on the extremely valuable feedback the 1st CBT participants sent to the team. All of the CBT players from the first round are invited back, but this time around, KOG Games wants even more players in the mix! And, with players from around the world playing, it allows KOG Games and A.Storm a whole new level of perspective and feedback to take in.

The HeroWarz CBT 2 is now Live! Also, the HeroWarz OBT dates will be announced very soon, so stay tuned and check often!

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