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New update for Herokon Online now available

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Development studio “Silver Style” has released a major content patch for the Dark Eye MMORPG “Herokon Online”. It includes a special treat for all TDE fans: the sequel to the beloved Blade of Destiny campaign and the new region of Thorwal.

The addition of Thorwal grants the heroes of Herokon Online the opportunity to explore a whole new region of Aventuria. Located in the continent’s chilly northwest, the territory offers many new quests, six new types of enemy, new NPCs and allies as well as Thorwal-specific weapons and equipment.

Herokon Online

“Our goal with Herokon Online is to authentically reproduce the world of Aventuria,” says Matthias Freund, an author at Silver Style, “and with the latest expansion we managed to consistently implement Thorwal in the game. TDE players will recognize and love Thorwal immediately and also meet several familiar characters. The Blade of Destiny campaign deserved a sequel and I am happy to say we can offer our players a truly extraordinary story with varied quests that will be continuously expanded in the future.”

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