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Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures Announces iOS Release Date

Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures Announces iOS Release Date news header

Camex Games, a mobile games developer committed to creating games that are accessible to casual players while providing hardcore gameplay depth, announced today that Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures is coming to iOS devices on November 19. Whether it be setting out on a quest to save the kidnapped princess, challenging other players to PvP combat, adventuring through player customized levels, raiding castles, or creating the most powerful guild, players will have a wealth of different gameplay choices with Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures.

“We have brought a classic RPG with turn based combat to casual players by making the game easy to get into while providing immense depth that will keep hardcore players engaged for a long time,” says Michael Tseng, senior production coordinator for Camex Games. “Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures offers endless gameplay as players build their army of highly unique heroes. From powerful wizards who can obliterate an enemy with one blast to sword wielding knights, the game is filled with heroes who can be strategically brought into combat, with many combinations that can defeat the monsters who seek to destroy you. The only wrong choice, is the one that gets you killed.”

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