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Heroes in the Sky gameplay modes revealed

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Upcoming flight combat simulator/MMO, Heroes in the Sky, has revealed its game modes that will let players take part in PvE and PvP missions. The modes include Campaign, Attack & Defend, Skirmish, Occupational War, and Raid. Here’s the official descriptions passed on by GamesCampus.

Campaign Mode:
Players will be dropped into many of the major events that occurred during World War II in the Campaign Mode. Players take flight either for or against the Axis forces in both the European and Pacific Fronts. They will compete against massive waves of enemy fighters, defend fleeing allies, and bomb military (and even civilian) installations.
The missions can be tackled with friends or braved alone. However, the difficulty of soloing the higher level missions will test even the most talented individuals. Quests are also available to improve the benefits of playing through the missions and to provide players with extra challenges. Missions are a great way to hone a player’s combat skills.

Attack and Defend Mode:
The Attack and Defend Mode is the strategic player’s version of bloodthirsty PVP combat. Players who enjoy PVP but also like the taste of the intricate field plans that are offered by the Campaign Mode will love the Attack and Defend Mode. Each team, of up to 8 players, will take command of a critical point in the history of World War II.
The attacking side will have a specific mission they must complete in an allotted time and the defending team must stop them from completing the mission.

These missions require a great deal of teamwork and strike team precision from both sides. Be prepared to destroy or defend key points in the history of WWII.

Skirmish Mode (PVP):
This mode is for players who desire raw PVP! Players team up with friends or go at it in a full blown death match against as many as 16 people. Combat is enhanced further with random items spawning on the maps that provide players with the extra edge that can separate the thin line of victory from defeat. The skies will be awash with bullets and missiles as each player tries to fell their foes.

Occupational War Mode:
The Occupational War is an evolving fantasy recreation of WWII. Taking attack and defend to the height of drama, this mode will place the players into the two great fields of combat of World War II: The European Front and the Pacific Front. Players will join alongside their friends to help defeat the incoming forces of their enemies and to lead offensive attacks themselves in an attempt to conquer it all.
This mode will help show which team has the best cohesion and is one of the most intensive options available to players.

Raid Mode:
Imagine a sky blanketed with the best pilots to ever grace war and seas of expert marksmen manning anti aircraft cannons. This is the raid mode; 4 teams of 4 up against the best fighters the development team has currently created and giving them the mission of defeating them all. You are also given only one chance; if they kill you it is truly game over. You’ll have to watch along the sidelines as the match gets more and more heated as damage racks up.
This mode is geared to challenge the very best and provide them with the ultimate PvE challenge. Any player who succeeds in this mode earns the right to call themselves a true Hero of the Sky.

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