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Heroes & Generals: New “Oster” Massive Update Available

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Heroes & Generals

Reto-Moto has just released a new update for their F2P WW2 shooter: Heroes & Generals with update called “Oster”, which includes new vehicles, new weapons, new Assault Team types, improved character movement, better weapon handling and more.

Feature highlights include:

  • New German Panzerschreck grenade launcher
  • New US M1918 Automatic Rifle
  • New German MG-34 Light Machine Gun
  • New scout vehicles for Recon characters
  • New Mechanized Recon Assault Team
  • Improved character movement and behavior
  • Improved weapon handling
  • Change character class whenever you want to
  • Handgrenade boosts, making them more deadly
  • Spawn camping countermeasures on the Skirmish maps
  • More battlefields for the campaign map
  • Updates to the Airfield Map
  • Weapon mods tweaks
  • Join a friend’s mission
  • New ‘steal vehicles’ feature

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