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Hellgate Global announces April events

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T3Fun has unrolled the line-up for Hellgate Global’s April events.

Three major events will keep players busy this month, including:

* Base Defense – Complete base defense mode with a party as often as you can; the party that defeats the most each week will earn special prizes.

* Code Rush – Guess the missing number or letter of randomly announced codes in-game for a chance to win premium items.

* Daily Hunt – Go on a daily scavenger hunt for a chance to earn treasures, if you find all these desired items.

T3Fun also publishes Mythos Global.


Only the Sharpest and Strongest Will Survive Hellgate Global’s April Events

Exciting and challenging puzzle and action-based in-game events await players this April

LOS ANGELES – April 2, 2012 – All this month, crusaders must prepare to face the apocalyptic onslaught of events that T3Fun has planned for Hellgate Global fans. T3Fun has today announced Hellgate’s plans for April, which also includes the return of several popular events that previously saw very high participation from players. High stakes rewards are on the table this month for players with the skills to defend their bases and those with a keen sense for solving codes. Fearless hunters willing to set foot in the most treacherous of areas to collect certain items each day will also find themselves handsomely rewarded for their courage and hard work.

Base Defense – Groups of up to five are challenged to complete the base defense mode multiple times. Strategy is every bit as important here as individual strength as waves of demons will attempt to conquer the bases without mercy. Every week, the party that has defended their base the most from the most vicious of Hell’s minions will receive great rewards.

Code Rush – Players are advised to keep their eyes peeled and minds sharp as a code with a missing letter or number will be announced randomly in-game. Those who guess the missing alphanumeric character correctly have a chance to win premium items.

Daily Hunt – Prepare for the wildest scavenger hunt in the history of humankind. A set of items will be announced each day and players will be tasked to hunt them in locales brimming with the forces of darkness. Hunters who succeed in scouring them will find their own lucky treasures waiting for them.

Hellgate Global continues its explosive romp through 2012 with events that are sure to please players from all corners of the globe. It’s time to smite the abominations wreaking havoc across the land! The fight for man’s survival just got more intense!

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