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Heavy Metal Machines Receives Vacation Event in ‘Casual Mode’

Heavy Metal Machines Casual Mode news

Heavy Metal Machines is kicking off 2019 right, with a vacation! Casual Mode is here, and players can get a reward for completing it. Completing 20 wins in Casual Mode gives players the exclusive “2019” theme portrait, and the mode is open to all levels of skill. The idea is that it will bring a greater level of interaction between veteran players and newcomers. It’s not even necessary to win! Whether you go in alone or with friends, all that matters is that you play. But don’t “AFK”, otherwise the match won’t count. Players are given 13 “vacation time” to complete the event and get their avatars. Plus, you get to hear the voice of Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing, Larry Huffman. What’s not to like?

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