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Heavy Metal Machines Launches

Heavy Metal Machines Header

Hoplon today announces the launch of its free-to-play vehicular MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines.

Narrated by Larry Huffman, of Rock ’n Roll Racing fame, the game pits two teams controlling heavily armed characters in deadly arenas, as they race to pick up a bomb and use it to score and destroy the opponent’s base.

The launch brings with it an update that introduces a new progression system, a new playable character, and begins a new competitive season (the Road to Malmheim).

The Metal Pass progression system challenges newcomers and veterans by offering a variety of missions that grant rewards, including unlocked characters, skins, portraits, spray, kill/respawn effects, soft currency, XP boost, artwork and lore across 50 different levels. It also offers both a free reward track and a premium one, with more quests and bigger rewards.

The roster also welcomes its 14th playable character: Icebringer, a nordic warrior with freezing attacks that enters the Heavy Metal Machines tournament in a quest to retrieve a sacred artifact stolen from his tribe.

Get started with Heavy Metal Machines today – it’s free!

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