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Hearthstone Reveals Final Cards for ‘Rise of Shadows’ Expansion

Hearthstone Card Reveals - Rise of Shadows

Yesterday, the Hearthstone dev team hosted a livestream to reveal the final cards for the next expansion, Rise of Shadows. This expansion releases on Tuesday, April 9th 2019, and the livestream VOD is below. All of the cards have now been revealed, and there will be pre-release events hosted around the globe this weekend. At these vents, players can open Rise of Shadows card packs and play with those cards in two modes:

  • No Cards Barred! Brawl:  Play with the cards you opened at the pre-release event, with no restrictions on class or duplicates!
  • An E.V.I.L. Recipe Brawl: Play with pre-constructed decks that consist of the new deck recipes from the upcoming set. Players do not need to pre-purchase packs in order to play this Brawl

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