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Guns And Robots Releases Module Class Information And Art

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Masthead Studios has released new information regarding the modules in Guns and Robots, including new concept art.

Robots will come in three module classes – Light, Medium, and Heavy – based on how players assemble and build their robots. All class components will be compatible with each other, and will interact with each other based on speed, weight, energy consumption, durability, and maneuverability.

Light class modules have the weakest armor, weight the least, and move the fastest; however, they are also equipped with nuclear reactors and nitro packs, and can be used for quick hit tactics or high power damage dealers. Medium class modules are all-arounders that offer average speed, battery slots, durability. Heavy class modules offer a tanking-type chassis, with slow speed and heavy durability. The game’s matchmaking system will match players through a skill-based ranking system plus module balance.

Guns And Robots Concept Art:


GUNS and ROBOTS Reveals Robot Classes With Concept Art and Modules Descriptions

The upcoming shooter GUNS and ROBOTS provides sneak peak of the module classes featured in the game


SOFIA, BULGARIA– July 31, 2012 – Masthead Studios, a leading independent game developer, today released concept art depicting some of the robot configuration options featured in GUNS and ROBOTS, their upcoming title set to release in December, 2012.

GUNS and ROBOTS is engaging free online shooter with inventive character design and an endless list of customization features. From incredible battle mechanics to funny looking robots, the players will be able to set their own gameplay.  Different scenery and implying own battle tactics will assure that players will have a great in-game experience. They will be able to customize multiple parts of their killing machine and set up their own arsenal. After the teaser trailer that Masthead Studios released earlier this month, the studio now shares concept art of the main robot classes.


In GUNS and ROBOTS, the robots come in three module classes based on players’ assembly. All components within the classes are compatible with each other. The in-game tactics depend on the configuration each player chooses as there is correlation between the speed, the weight, the energy consumption, durability of each of the bodies and chassis and their maneuverability on different terrains.


The light class is the weakest class in terms of armor. This class weighs least and accelerates fastest. The robots from this class distinguish from the others with frail body characteristics and light modules. While the fragile looks are only to mislead the opponent, they are equipped with nuclear reactors, nitro packs and can be attached to chassis with up to three tires, thus providing them with more speed. If attached to the right devices this lethal combination is perfect for shoot and scoot battle tactics or pincer movement like typical damage dealers. They can be nice addition to the team via armor plate extensions in order to add durability leading to high power-to-weight ratio and speed. Less initial durability can be compensated with less energy consumption if the robot setup allows.


The medium class or middleweight is classification for the robot module configuration that can generally serve well in any capacity: offense, defense, “death match”, race or “capture the flag” mode. They are versatile, durable but still reasonably agile. They weigh more than the light class with energy consumption that allows them to be engaged in the battle for considerable time. Available body battery slots are more than the light class and the battery accommodates twice the light class energy fit.


The heavy class are slow with limited maneuverability but have the most durability of the heavy body modules which makes them perfect for players who want to stay in the battle as much as possible. They are a good choice for players who prefer to do the tanking and redirect enemy attacks. They can sustain most in the game due to their congenital Iron Man-like bodies and in real-time strategy they accumulate more damage. They can be great for all battle tactics due to the customization options and proper setup. From assisting to the damage output to dodging enemy attacks, the options vary.

In-game balancing will be assured by matchmaking system that will provide each player interesting and competitive gameplay via well organized skill-based ranking system, as well as modules balance that depends on the synergy of the team. The robots can be combined from different modules – light, heavy or medium, but the final configuration and robot assembly will depend on the players choice. Those are the main three divisions according to overall usage of modules and only three of the numerous possible robot assemblies players will encounter when they enter the world of GUNS and ROBOTS later this year.

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