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Guns and Robots Receives New Updates

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Masthead Studios has launched several updates today for Guns and Robots, which include a new ranking system, a global balance system, and new weapons.

The old credit system has been replaced with a new balance system to assist with each game.  Players will receive a great deal more credits after each match.  Free robot parts have also had some major changes and improvements in their stats due to this.

The new ranking system provides various ranks, displayed with amusing icons at the beginning of each battle.  This system tracks the number of battles each play has made, as well as their damage output.  Designed to give an additional level of involvement with the game, the system also promotes enjoyment, and healthy levels of amusement.

One of the new weapons introduced is “The Stingray” which fires electro-tip darts at your opponent.  Should they connect, it will short their systems for a time, and shock them.

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