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Guild Wars 2 Outlines Ninth Profession: Revenant

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A dev blog posted by ArenaNet’s Roy Cronacher earlier this afternoon offers a glimpse into what we can expect from Guild Wars 2’s ninth profession set to arrive with the Heart of Thorns Expansion.


The Revenant is a master of manipulating the mists. Think of them as a disruptive tank with a mix of mesmer and warrior making up your pool of skill choices. They seem to still be all about getting in the face of their foe to disrupt them, or beat them down, but the style in which they do so seems more about entrapment and reactive countering than you may be used to in a melee profession.

Their theme is also quite unique, focusing on a connection to famous spirits of the mists as a source of power rather than the typical weapon swapping seen in Guild Wars 2 thus far. These spirits known as Legends impact what skills will fill the right half of your skill bar, changing the style of play you’ll need to use to be successful with each Legend you unleash. With one active and one inactive Legend at a time, you can truly keep your foes guessing by swapping between the two.


Of course I wouldn’t have compared this profession to the mesmer without including a new set of status effects they pack to change up gameplay. Resistance allows them to temporarily remove conditions on an ally to give them momentary reaction to fight back unhindered. It’s only temporary so don’t think of it as a cure. Slow will allow you to live our your fantasy fanfic of the Matrix as your foe casts and attacks you in seeming slow motion. Taunt will allow you to pull foes towards you with their skill bar locked, ideal for peeling from a hurt ally or to lure a foe into position for a trap.

The total write-up is quite extensive and worth reading in its entirety. Check it out on the official blog here.


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