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Guild Wars 2: New Bobble Head Feature Now Available

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Guild Wars 2

On a day made for the best jokes, pranks and surprises, NCSoft and Arenanet has got something up their sleeve for the players in Tyria.

When players log in to play Guild Wars 2 this April Fools’, they’ll notice something different about all of the player characters in-game. Did they get new hairstyles? Maybe new outfits? Nope. We’ve added 200% more cranium to all player characters, turning them into bobble heads! As players trounce through Tyria, they will have their own heavy-headed character and get the chance to see their friends and foes as bobble heads as well.

To give you a visual of what players will actually experience in-game, take a look at the latest Vine video from Guild Wars 2:

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