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Gravity Launches New Site – WarpPortal

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Gravity, the Korean MMORPG studio behind the popular Ragnarok Online, has recently launched a new web portal from which players can access all their games. This is great move and should simplify the process of signing up for, downloading, and discussing all of Gravity’s games.

Besides Ragnarok Online, Gravity publishes Requiem, and Rose Online. But besides these three games, players can also enjoy a wide range of flash based mini games on the site.

According to the official release, WarpPortal will host non-Gravity games as well. This may just be referring to the flash minigames, but we expect Gravity to publish games from other developers on the new site in the near future.

Full Release:

Gravity Launches

Marina Del Rey – July 21, 2010

Gravity Interactive, a world renowned massively multiplayer online game publisher, is happy to announce the launch of its newest project Over 4 million Gravity users and community members from across all of Gravity’s titles will have a single website to manage all of their Gravity accounts and non-Gravity games as well. will offer users a single login-account which players can use to consolidate all of his/her Gravity game accounts, allowing for a single payment made at the that can be distributed to any or all of the titles. Players will also have access to the Gateway system, an application that will allow players to read gaming news, talk to friends, listen to MP3’s, and launch their favorite games all from one app.

“We wanted to offer our users something more than just a portal website…” said Yoshinori Kitamura, Chief Executive Officer of Gravity Interactive “….we wanted to offer them a social playground outside of our games. With and the Gateway system, we hope to give our community a place to chat, listen to music, keep up with Gravity News and so much more.”

Designed with anime, fantasy, and horror themes, Gravity’s titles, Ragnarok, ROSE and Requiem, engage it’s users in epic quests, battling monsters, worlds to explore and the ability to socialize with friends while engaged in special events and activities. Gravity’s games offer user controlled PVP and Clan combat systems, enhanced item upgrading systems, customizable stats, unique skills, pets, customizable characters and numerous events and community outlets.

More Information about Gravity and its WarpPortal:

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