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Grand Chase Now Live on Steam

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Grand Chase Steam

KOG Games is pleased to announce its hit free-to-play MMO Brawler, Grand Chase, is now available via Steam beginning today. To welcome a host of new players into the Grand Chase community, the MMO is celebrating with a variety of cool events!

Steam players will now be able to join the community and have access to all the latest content, and dive right into the awesome launch events happening now:

Welcome Heroes Event – Beginning today, players can log on and select any one character to receive free prizes including a new Hero Signboard and Crest plus a variety of cool goodies! Just starting the journey into Grand Chase? No problem, log in to the game, go to the Menu and click on the Mailbox to receive your Welcome New Hero Kit!

Character Jumping Event: If it feels like you’re late to the party, don’t worry. Players can select any one character on their roster and automatically jump that character to level 70! With the current level at 85, it’s a great start to PvP and Dungeon content. Power up instantly by joining the character jump; bring a character up to level 70 now and enjoy the awesome rewards!

Specialized Steam Title: All Steam players will get a cool new Steam Title that will float about the character’s head in-game! It’s not just about looking good either, this Steam Title gives players a stat boost! Bind your Grand Chase and Steam accounts, and your exclusive Steam Title will be distributed when the event ends

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