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Grand Chase Lite now in iPhone app store

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Grand Chase Lite, the mini RPG based on Grand Chase and announced earlier this month for the iPhone, is now available in the iPhone app store for free. Grand Chase Lite is a stand alone game, but does allow players to join and connect with the Grand Chase community.

Grand Chase Lite Features

  • The Grand Chase Online (PC) experience condensed into an exciting mobile adventure!
  • Fantasy Turn-Based RPG that is 100% Free-to-Play
  • Choose from 3 Different Characters, each from a different class
  • Each character has 20 Skills to unlock (once unlocked, players can set up their own combination of attacks)
  • 15 Bosses to defeat: play on 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars difficulty level (Complete 3 stars to collect a special reward from each Boss)
  • Diverse selection of items per character with 92 unique Items each!
  • Quick interactions – play for one minute or five
  • Captivating art design and graphics
  • Explore the dungeons of Bosses
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