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Gloria Victis Introduces PvP Siege Elements

Gloria Victis Introduces PvP Siege Elements news header

In the latest update we have introduced the first elements of PVP sieges! With destructible gates, our engaging territory control gains new awesome meaning, as the defenders are able to hide inside the castles and keeps while the invaders have to smash the gates. But it’s not the only awesome improvement – defenders can also pour the boiling oil on the heads of attackers and, if they cooperate well with each other, finish them with a deadly charge from flank!
Moreover, we will greatly extend this system soon by adding various types of gates and objects to thrown down the castle walls, like rocks or wooden logs – all to buy or craft by the players and guilds! Thanks to this they will be able to make their hideout easier to defense and more valuable to those who would like to capture it, so the Gloria Victis PVP will reach a new, awesome level!
Next great news – we have launched a new shop on our website, where supporters can not only obtain new exclusive content but also bring their own contribution into the game and name or design their own NPCs and locations! Moreover, for the most meritorious backers and guilds we have prepared the personal rewards – in-game memorials! We have also implemented new music pieces – here you can hear the examplary one:

We have also greatly improved the party system, so our players can create their own friends lists and comfortably coordinate the large warbands – next we will rework the guilds system. In the nearest updates we will implement complex in-game tutorials to introduce new players to the game mechanics, as well as the achievements, being a massive expansion of the Daily Events system, and much more!
At the same time, in order to give the players more space for those gruesome battles, we are working to more than double the world’s size soon! New lands will contain a new great city, which players would be able to capture,control, settle, upgrade and fortify, as well as a hideout for those who would choose to become the renegades, as freedom of choice is one of the key features in Gloria Victis. Renegades will be able to leave behind their belonging to either Midlanders or Ismirs, with their suicidal crusades against the Azebs and everlasting conflict caused by the Walter’s Leveling, and live on their own – raid, plunder, conquer and even create their own, player-ruled nation!
At the same time we would also implement an ability to choose a spawnpoint among the all controlled by a player’s nation, so the PVP will become even more dynamic as the warbands would be able to react much faster to the enemies raids!
And last but not least: we are reworking our inventory system to implement various unlockable sacks and backpacks – each with a different capacity – what our players were asking us for, as they are amazed by how deep and engaging is the crafting system in Gloria Victis!

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