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Gigantic’s New Corruption Update Launches With a New Hero

The “Corruption” update to Gigantic is here today, and the biggest news in it is the newest hero, Oru! The mid-range caster comes with an amazing set of skills, and his cards are not to be trifled with. You can’t outrun fate, and Oru’s here to make sure that comes to pass! He has solid damage and formidable crowd control. Three new skins come with him also, Mordant, Voracious, and Garrulous! ┬áThe next big feature is the addition of Custom Lobbies, which is presently in beta! Players can set up lobbies of 5V5 without requiring them to enter the matchmaker. This will be a fantastic way for livestreams to play with their followers, or simply a huge group of friends to play together and not have to wait. Push-to-Talk was added, which will help people who use the in-game audio chat. The final major change is Creature Gestation, which promises a far greater challenge for players who run at a higher skill level. It will offer a window to attack/counter enemy creatures while they are still vulnerable, and through communication and map awareness, this is going to be a game changer.

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