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Garage Online – New Car Building Online Game on Kickstarter

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Garage Online

From the makers of Car Simulator 2014 (PlayWay) comes a unique car building game that’s now live on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. Garage Online is a planned F2P game where you can run a car garage with friends. Buy cars, repair them and sell with profit, or build and tune your own car for fun.

“You are 21 years old car enthusiast, who wants to make yourself a name as a car mechanic. For the last handful of cash you hire a small, battered garage in the most unfriendly district of the city. This place is known for illegal races which are held during a night by young drivers, hungry for adrenaline just like you. However, you must focus now on getting some money. It is time to offer your services and to attract customers to your garage. Remember that you have to run your business properly if you want to race. Maybe you will be able to buy yourself your own ride one day.”

If this concept sounds fun to you, then check out the official Kickstarter page for Garage Online here:

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