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Gamigo Gears Up for Easter Across its Portfolio of Games

gamigo spring events

gamigo is proud to announce they are getting ready for Spring, and with that comes a wealth of Easter-themed events across their portfolio of games. Until April 23rd, Echo of Soul players can collect painted eggs in exchange for rewards. Trove will have players attending Mount Parades, and gathering bonus Mount Talismans until April 23rd. The Spring Race is coming to ArcheAge as well, where players select a vehicle they can use to navigate around traps, in order to find the Daru Priests. Their goal is to receive the symbolic blessings of each Priest and celebrate their achievements by trading their Spring Race Tokens for rewards.

Fiesta Online will have a special Kingdom Quest where players protect golden eggs from monsters. They, in turn, collect Easter eggs to exchange for rewards. Last Chaos will have a variety of events that have players going on egg hunts in Iris/Ascadia. The eggs offer rewards or can be used to complete the Easter quest series. In Aura Kingdom, players have the chance to win an Eidolon. Using special Easter coins, they can purchase Eidolon eggs from which endearing Eidolons can hatch. If that weren’t enough, Community Managers are also preparing events where players will need to find bunnies around Azuria.

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