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gamigo announces implementation of the GamerToken

gamigo gamertoken - image

The gamigo group is proud to announce that they have partnered with the Laurel Foundry Ltd.  They are launching the GamerToken, which is a blockchain based token that will reward players for their in-game activities, give them the opportunity to buy, sell, and exchange unique digital assets on a global marketplace, and improve the security of in-game transactions. As an established company, gamigo group will be one of the first launch partners to integrate this additional ecosystem and blockchain technology into their game portfolio. This will be tested in one of gamigo’s most successful titles in Fiesta Online. For that, a demo version of the game and the marketplace will be available.

GamerToken empowers gamers to reward their passion to play games and truly own their in-game items. The GamerToken allows developers, publishers and gamers to add value to their in-game economy by adding unique, non-fungible items and open the possibility to freely trade these rare items in an open and secure marketplace. By implementing this new technology, gamigo approves their ideology of combining innovation with rewarding their loyal and active user base together with a strong focus on a growing and successful business model.

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