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GamersFirst Shuts Down Red Stone – Developer Picks up Service

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GamersFirst, the folks best known for Sword of the New World, War Rock and Knight Online, recently announced that they would shut down the service for Red Stone. Luckily though, the game’s Korean developer, L&K Logic, announced that they would pick up the game’s service, meaning players can keep on enjoying the game. The K&C Logic servers for the game went live on February 10, 2010. Players are free to transfer their GamersFirst accounts over to the new service, but with some severe restrictions. See the official notice below:


This is the Red Stone Team, L&K Logic Korea.

New Red Stone service starts as of February 10th, 2010.

We, as the developer of Red Stone, will do our best to continue better service and

to satisfy you for enjoying Red Stone.

For smooth play, your game account should be transffered to new and clean server.

You will play Red Stone under safer and cleaner, problem-less condition.

New service details as follows:

  1. -All of your in-game characters will be deleted permanantly.
  2. -Premium items in your shopping cart will exist.
  3. -For compensation, A 30-days Portal Sphere will be given freely.
  4. -Premium item shop will not be opened for some time. We will notice later.
  5. -You should download new patch manually before playing.
  • Go to MEDIA>GAME CLIENT menu.
  • We updated our Red Stone review page with the new Homepage, Create Account and Download links.

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