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FusionFall to go Free to Play

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Cartoon Network’s FusionFall was one of the coolest browser based MMORPGs I ever played. The trouble was you could only explore the first major area on a free account. To see the rest of the world, players had to sign up for a monthly subscription. Well not anymore! The developers gave hints late last year that the game would be moving from a ‘freemium’ model to a free to play model supported by optional microtransactions.

What makes FusionFall so fun? Start with high quality graphics, add some high production value, and throw in an original gameplay style that mixes third person shooter and platformer elements. Having the whole span of Cartoon Network characters and settings to draw from certainly doesn’t hurt. Players will meet and even fight alongside their favorite cartoon characters like the PowerPuff Girls, and more.

While aimed at children, FusionFall offers solid gameplay that can be enjoyed by any gamer. This change is by no means a sign that development on the game is to slow down or stop. New content will continue to be added, inccluding characters, missions, items, and events related to some of the newest shows like Sventure Time with Finn & Jake, Generator Rex, Symnionic Titan, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

FusionFall goes free to play on April 19th. All zones, enhancements, and missions will be available for free, but a cash shop is likely to follow offering optional items and bonuses to players for a small fee. MMOHuts will take another look at the game and adjust our score accordingly.

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