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Freestyle Street Basketball receives second major update

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Freestyle Street Basketball will be receiving a second major update on Wednesday, October 14th.

The update adds a new Navigation System and Mission Mode to help new players adapt and learn the game better. The Navigation system allows players under level 15 to see the path of the basketball and predicted character movements, while the Mission Mode adds a new story telling element to the game.

The Major Tournament System will also be introduced in the patch. This tournament system will pit player teams against each other, letting players earn in-game trophies that will reward them other in-game items as well as recognition.

The update also introduces 55 new items and 10 skills and freestyles.

The Original Press Release #1:

FreeStyle Street basketball, Major Update Ver.2 Will Be Released

Various content updates including a new beginner system and mode as well as extra playable characters

Seoul, October 13th – Freestyle Street Basketball, the world’s first online street basketball game, will launch the second Major Update, a massive patch that includes a new system and mode, special characters and regularly updated items. The update will be available from October 14th at GameKiss.

The most remarkable update of the package is the new system and mode specially designed for beginners. The purpose of the Navigation System and Mission Mode is to help a Freestyle novice adapt to the game quickly – improving the reviewed weakness of the game.

The Navigation System, available to players under Level 15, shows the traces of the ball and predicted movement of characters in the user interface. It is designed to assist players to feel comfortable with the 3-D environment. The tutorial will also teach players how to mark opponents and train good timing for blocking and rebounding.

Story-telling elements were newly added to the Mission Mode, providing more advanced game-play with NPC characters and a more convenient team match-up.

Content updates for the existing users come in great quantity. Two special characters, Howl and Francis, will join Freestyle Street basketball. Both characters have advantages in certain special skills including body check, rebound and three-point shot. They will make teams even more diverse than before.

The Major Update ver.2 provides a record number of new items. A total of 55 new items and 10 skills and freestyles will be unveiled, providing more fun to the users.

“It will be a big update that satisfies both new users and existing players. Freestyle Street Basketball will always feature new ideas and updates. We will do our best to provide a new type of entertainment to the users,” said Roman, Senior Game Manager of Freestyle.

The update will be released on October 14th. Registration, download and playing of Freestyle Street Basketball are provided worldwide, and can be enjoyed free of charge. More exciting details can be found on the official website:

The Original Press Release #2:

FreeStyle Street Basketball Major Tournament System Update

Enjoy online tournaments with global users and win in-game prizes

Seoul, October 13th – PC online game portal, GameKiss, will start reorganizing the Major Tournament System of its leading title, Freestyle Street Basketball.

The Major Tournament System is where a total of eight teams freely organize the list of matches online, compete and win in-game prizes depending on the results.

Players who choose the tournament system will be listed in the league of eight teams. They will then go through quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. Depending on the game results, a team will be awarded in-game trophies that can be used to buy game items. Gamers can also publicly boast their game records as the system will support the display of battle-score records.

Through this reorganization, users from all over the world will be able to show their basketball skills, compete fairly and receive rewards. Registration, download and playing of Freestyle Street Basketball are provided worldwide, and can be enjoyed free of charge. More exciting details can be found on the official website:


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