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My Free Zoo Takes Wing in a New Update

Upjers is proud to announce their title My Free Zoo has a new Museum Update featuring the Jurassic Era. This includes the “Urvogel”, or missing link – the Archaeopteryx. It can now be excavated and returned to life in the natural history museum.  This new era also brings the Dilophosaurus and Diplodocus to the browser game. The Diplodocus was a mighty 27 meters from head to tail. The Dilophosaurus is much smaller and preferred to prey upon other smaller animals. Archaeopteryx has a special significance: it is believed to mark the transition from dinosaur to bird. It has traits of both – for example, it had both teeth and feathers. Thanks to this avian link, the Jurassic can be seen as the cradle of birdkind. So get out there and excavate these new dinos and bring them to life.

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