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Free to Play Company of Heroes Online Announced

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Earlier this month THQ announced Company of Heroes Online, a World War 2 era real time strategy game. Scheduled for release in fall of 2010, COHO will be a free to play MMORTS.

The studio behind the Company of Heroes series is Relic Entertainment which also develops the Warhammer Dawn of War strategy titles. Company of Heroes Online represents THQ’s biggest move into the free to play gaming space since their THQ Ice studio published Dragonica Online.

The upcoming game will offer the same high quality graphics and gameplay that made the series a top rated PC title. New features are also being added to give players the ability customize their army. Players will be able to chose which hero units to use, what commander type (out of six) to pick, and generally how they want to specialize as they progress.

Company of Heroes Online isn’t the first free to play MMORTS, but it is the closest one to a ‘real’ RTS thus far. Games like Dreamlords and Saga have tried to blend the MMO and Strategy genre with mixed success. EA’s BattleForge is another example of a free to play game that mixes strategy elements.

Read more about the upcoming game below, or check out out preview page for screenshots and videos.

Full Release:

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Jun 03, 2010 –THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced the evolution of its critically acclaimed real-time strategy game, Company of Heroes ® , into a unique free-to-play micro-transaction online multiplayer experience scheduled for release in the North American market this fall.

Developed by THQ’s Relic Entertainment studio, creators of the award-winning Company of Heroes and Dawn of War franchises, Company of Heroes Online is an online multiplayer real-time-strategy game that is free to download and play. Building on the frenetic Real-Time-Strategy action of the original Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes Online offers army specialization, commander customization, and persistent progression, allowing players to strategize on and off the battlefield. Players will also have the opportunity to earn or purchase special units and upgrades and improve their army with each and every multiplayer victory.

Travis Plane, Vice President of Global Brand Management commented, “We are delighted to bring this award-winning franchise to gamers in a whole new way with the online version of the Company of Heroes experience. Players will benefit from the persistent upgrades and the ability to tailor their armies to really suit their play style making this a unique experience for everyone.”

About Company of Heroes Online

The critically acclaimed real-time strategy game, Company of Heroes, will be available as a unique free-to-play micro-transaction online multiplayer experience. Take command of your company as you wage online warfare across the ravaged battlefields of World War II-era Europe. Choose from one of six different divisions, from the brutal German Blitzkrieg to the deadly efficient Allied Airborne, each with its own combat style and unique Commander Abilities. Customize your army and enter each battle with your own unique set of battle-tested Heroes, upgrades, and devastating Commander Abilities. Become the ultimate military commander as you unlock new abilities with every conflict and build your army with every victory. For more information about Company of Heroes Online, please visit

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