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Free Realms hits 3 Million Unique Users

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Since the launch of Sony Online Entertainment’s ‘Free Realms’ on April 28th, the game has registered a whopping 3 million unique users. 3 Million unique users in the the month or so that the game has been released is quite impressive and equate to approximately 500,000 new registrations each week. Looks like Free Realms just may become Sony’s most profitable and popular product.

Sony Online Entertainment also publishes EverQuest, Everquest II, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Planetside and Infantry. Out of all of these MMORPGs, it’s nothing short of amazing how fast Free Realms grew in popularity. One difference between Free Realms and Sony’s other MMORPGs is that Free Realms is free to play. Perhaps if Free Realms continues to grow in popularity, Sony might just go ahead and make all of their games free to play. Yeah, I know that last bit is wishful thinking, but who knows. After all, more and more free to play MMORPGs are being released everyday, so the free to play model has to be doing something right.

Even though Free Realms is targeted for ‘kids’, it’s actually quite an impressive game, so don’t forget to check out our review for it!

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