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Fractured Reveals Alpha Test 2 Date and Crowdfunding Update

Dynamight Studios Announces New Sandbox MMO: Fractured

Fractured, an upcoming MMO released a few bits of big news recently – the first is the status of Alpha 1 Test 2. This is going to be coming sooner than you’d think – the month is July! Beginning on July 10th, 2019, Alpha 1 Test 2 will begin, at 10 AM EDT. The focus of Test 2 is to add new content, which will consist of new creatures, spells and crafting/housing/equipment options. Further information on this update can be found at this link.

Fractured also announced that their Kickstarter replica packs are being phased out, and there is a sale on these (which can be found here ). The cost of access/pledging will remain the same, but there will be 3 new basic packs being released that will grant access to Beta 2, Beta 1 and Alpha 2 respectively. In order, these will cost €25 for Beta 2, €50 for Beta 1, €90 for Alpha 2. These will be less “value-oriented”, but the above link will highlight this sale/information further.

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