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Fractured MMO Announces First All-Backers Test Event

Fractured Demon Lord Art

Dynamight Studios, the team behind Fractured MMO, has announced that all levels of backers will be able to join the alpha test for a limited time.

Yes, you’re guessing it right: the doors of Alpha 2 – Test 2 are soon going to be open to all users with a pledge/founder pack in the first All-Backers Access event in the history of Fractured!

This means that even the cheapest option in the Fractured Store, the Adept pack, will allow you to login and play the game!

The All-Backers Access event is starting on Friday, April 10, at 4pm CEST (10am EDT) and will run until Sunday, April 19. After that, access will revert to backers with Alpha 2 access only (Legend pack or higher).

A player cities Q&A will also be hosted on April 12. For full details check the blog post linked below.

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