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Forsaken World Race Preview

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Perfect World Entertainment has put up a blog post today previewing the five races of its upcoming MMO, Forsaken World. Here’s what they had to say:

Stonemen – Stonemen are the strongest and bravest race. Not only natural born warriors, Stonemen also have a natural talent at smithing, especially in casting powerful weapons.

Known for their fearlessness and being in the front lines, Stonemen are invaluable allies and are known to help turn the tide in battle against all odds. Thus the saying “where there are Stonemen, other races have no danger” has given rise.

Elves – Elves are the most beautiful race in the world of Eyrda and their affinities to nature and pious faith to the gods make them talented fighters.

Elegant, cleaver and beautiful, Elves may look down upon those lacking in beauty, especially the muscular and stout Dwarves. Due to this, many of the other races, although envious, view the Elves as arrogant.

Dwarves – While Dwarves are the oldest race of Eyrda, they also are the most technologically advanced. Short, tough and full of stamina, Dwarves are exceptional with their hands, whether it be digging, smithing or creating inventions of all kinds, especially fine machines.

Although not adept at learning magic, Dwarves are the most industrious race and have a close connection with Humans, who are also highly creative.

Humans – Human’s adaptability, potentially to learn and charisma often lead this race to leadership position in times of great need in Eyrda. Natural born leaders, humans have a history of performing heroic deeds in times of danger and trouble.

Worshipping the god Vyda, who stands for wisdom and the soul, Humans have an innate gift for learning as well as highly creative, which they share as a common bond with the Dwarves.

The Kindred – One of the most mysterious races, the Kindred were created when the demi-goddess Shylia and the noble human Herhevid came together as the perfect couple. When Herghevid was old and facing death, Shylia poured her blood into his body, giving him immortality. Their offspring would propagate the land and be known as the Kindred.

Although descended from humans, jealousy over the Kindreds’ immortality, powerful physique and perfect appearance drives the two races apart.

In addition to the five races, there will be 8 classes and 11 professions for players to choose from.

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